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‘Ancestors want me to leave him’: Ngizwe Mchunu’s 2nd wife explains viral video [watch]

Ngizwe Mchunu’s second wife says her TikTok video, where she speaks about wanting another man, was misunderstood.

Controversial media personality Ngizwe Mchunu is no longer the man his second wife Lindiwe Khuzwayo’s ancestors want for her.

This is according to Lindiwe’s interview with Isolezwe where she cleared the air following her viral TikTok video in which she tells the public she wants another man.



Ngizwe, who is a former Ukhozi FM presenter and a polygamist, is married to three women – Siphelele Nxumalo, Lindiwe and Nqobile “Floda” Mthimkhulu. However, he may be left with just two wives should Lindiwe’s ancestors have their way.

In her TikTok video on Monday, 9 October, Lindiwe lamented about her husband neglecting her and failing to support her ancestral calling.

“It’s so sad that my calls have fallen on deaf ears. I’ve been completely ignored. I feel like I’m being made into a housewife. I’ve said that my ancestors are very angry. They want me to heal people. I’m called to help people from all walks of life. If I don’t accept this calling, my ancestors will kill me,” she said in the video.


She added that she wants another man because Ngizwe is failing in his duties as her husband.

“I told Macingwane [Ngizwe] that I want to take a second husband because he doesn’t support my calling. For years I tried to hide it. I’m even depressed. It’s so sad when I don’t get support from my husband because my gift is big, and I’m sure I can heal people.”



Lindiwe has since told Isolezwe that people misunderstood her in the TikTok video. She claimed to not remember uttering those words, saying she was in the spiritual realm and her ancestors told her what to say.

“People do not understand how ancestors operate, they assume I said I want a second husband. This is not the case. My ancestors have been telling me for a long time that they are looking for another man for me so that I can leave Macingwane because he is not supportive of my spiritual gifts.

“They [ancestors] have now embarrassed me in public because I do not listen to them. I haven’t even watched the said video, but I heard about it.”


Lindiwe further said that if her ancestors indeed get her a new man, she would have to leave Ngizwe.

“I have told him about my ancestors’ grievances and the fact that they are finding me another man because he is not supportive,” she said.

“I still love him, but my ancestors are the ones who no longer want him.”

Ngizwe declined to comment.

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