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Apparently he was banned and warned to never set his FOOT IN DURBAN, heres why?

It seem that the untimely death of the well known South African hip hop singer AKA a lot of stories unknown to the public have risen. A lot of social media investigators have been leaving clues on who could have , shorten the life of the well known supermega. A video had just resurfaced where a well known video cryer went on to reveal that AKA was banned from coming to durban as the people have not forgiven him. For what he did to Anele Tembe , durban was her home of birth and thats where AKA was gunned down.

A lot of rumours has it that people of Durban had been sending him messages of warning and that he should stay far away from Durban, but being Aka he did not listen. Though some feel that no one has the power to ban other people from going anywhere, AKA had just been receiving messages of warning and decided to avoid them . Now he is gone and left his baby Kairo without a dad.

Here is the screenshots of the video and some of the screenshots of AkAs pictures.

Some believe that AKA brought this on himself he should have just stayed away and he did not and now himself and Anele are together.

After the video was posted a lot of comments arose as people were commenting what they felt to comment, here are the screenshots of the comments.

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