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Best Jalamia Styles For Lady’s Images

Best Jalamia Styles For Lady’s Images, The Jamia is a traditional Egyptian garment native to the Nile Valley. The same term is used to refer to the traditional Sudanese and Eritrean clothes, but both look different from the popular Egyptian garment which is worn by both Egyptian males and females and is much more colorful.

Muslims mostly wear Jalamia styles for ladies to religious ceremonies but now Jalamia fashion designs are more or less now mainstream.

More and more Nigeria ladies are also wearing it as an ultimate statement of style today.

Jalamia colors are often white in the summer. During winter, thicker fabric in other colors such as grey, dark green, olive, blue, tan, or striped fabrics are used and colorful scarves worn around the neck.



Best Jalamia Styles For Lady’s Images


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