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Check Man Who Claims He Is Black Jesus, He Said His Mother Got Pregnant Without Sleeping With Anyone

In a small town on the outskirts of a bustling city, a self-proclaimed pastor, often referred to as the ‘Black Jesus,’ has sparked widespread controversy and fascination. His extraordinary claim that his mother fell pregnant without any human involvement, attributing it to the Holy Spirit’s intervention, has garnered attention from near and far.

The ‘Black Jesus,’ whose real name is Pastor Elijah Johnson, presides over the “Divine Covenant Church.” The heart of the controversy lies in his assertion that his birth parallels that of Jesus Christ, who was believed to have been born to the Virgin Mary through divine intervention.

Pastor Elijah Johnson’s church operates under an unusual financial model that has drawn both supporters and critics. Congregants are reportedly required to pay a subscription fee to remain members of the church. This fee is automatically debited from their bank accounts on a monthly basis, and it amounts to a staggering 30% of their monthly salaries. This practice has led many to question the ethicality and legality of such financial demands.

Furthermore, the controversy deepens as unemployed church members are allegedly asked to pay an entrance fee each Sunday they attend the church’s services. This policy has raised eyebrows within the local community and among religious scholars, as it appears to disproportionately burden those who are already facing financial hardships.

Local authorities and religious leaders have taken an interest in Pastor Elijah Johnson’s claims and financial practices. Many have called for transparency and accountability within the Divine Covenant Church, expressing concerns about potential exploitation and manipulation of vulnerable individuals.

The pastor’s followers, on the other hand, ardently defend their faith in him. They believe that his miraculous birth and teachings are genuine, and they willingly contribute a significant portion of their earnings to support the church and its activities. Some congregants claim to have experienced spiritual transformations and blessings since joining the church.


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