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Check recent pictures of Doja cars that left some blaming her father for her behaviour

Doja Cat has been gravitating towards contentious imagery in recent times. The humorously satanic imagery in the first singles from her new album Scarlet drew criticism from some of her fans, so she doubled down. Fans were understandably unhappy that the album’s third single, “Demons,” is both demonic and satanic. When the record cover’s imagery was criticised, Doja herself responded angrily.

Doja Cat released the song’s music video overnight. She appears in it costumed as a monster, stalking Christina Ricci’s nightmares as the lead character in Yellowjackets. Although fans unsurprisingly reacted negatively to it, it wasn’t even the most contentious or well-known thing she released last night. She posted some fresh images of herself online that show her demon look in much more detail. Fans had a pretty stunned reaction to where Doja went with her new look.

But some people blame her father for her recent behaviour claiming that he failed and neglected her and that’s why she is acting this way.


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