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Couple sue hospital after discovering they are not the biological parents of their 5-year-old child

The couple filed a lawsuit against the hospital following the shocking discovery.

Couple sue

A couple have taken legal action against their hospital after discovering that they are not the biological parents of their child.

According to Twitter user @Jupinapapi3, the father had conducted a DNA test which revealed that he is not the child’s father.

He then confronted his wife who insisted that she didn’t cheat on him so the child could not possibly belong to someone else.

In order to prove her innocence, she also took a maternity test which revealed that she is also not the mother of the child.

Following the shocking discovery, the couple filed a lawsuit against the hospital, claiming that it was a clear case of babies being accidentally switched at birth.

@Jupinapapi3 tweeted,

“So a man took a paternity test on his daughter and he wasn’t the father. The mom swears she never cheated and the test had to be wrong. She can’t convince him so she also took a test. Turns out she wasn’t the mom either. Now they’re suing the hospital because they switched babies.

Imagine raising a baby for 5 years but now you kinda wanna get your actual baby but now don’t wanna give up this one either.”


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