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Cute video MamKhize and Tamia Mpisane dancing together

MamKhize and her daughter in law Tamia Mpisane go clubbing together. MamKhize shared a video to her Instagram stories of herself and her daughter in law dancing. Tamia Mpisane who is expecting her second baby with Andile Mpisane was seen dancing with her cute baby bump. Tamia Mpisane looked beautiful and she definitely had the pregnancy glow.

MamKhize shared that the vibes made Tamia Mpisane get up and dance. MamKhize was also seen rubbing her daughter in law’s belly. MamKhize was with her family for a night out of dancing and it seems like the family had a great time. MamKhize and Tamia seem to have a great relationship as MamKhize is always sharing pictures and videos of them together. MamKhize also shared videos of her dancing and enjoying her night out.

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