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Dj Sumbody is being laid to rest in Limpopo today by his family and close friends

Thousands of people have attended


Dj Sumbody died last week and his funeral is today in Limpopo. His family and friends are gathered to remember him. Dj Sumbody loved music and his businesses. He was very passionate about the things he loved to do.

Many people didn’t know much about him. They only knew him as a musician, he was a man of many talents. Many young people wanted to be like him because he worked hard and was wealthy. This teibute is very emotional for those who knew him personally and got very close to him.


His family is happy to be supported by the people who knew Dj Sumbody. They know that Dj Sumbody was loved and many people from his community looked up to him. He left a huge role in the entertainment industry, hopefully radios will not stop playing his music all over South Africa.





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