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EFF’s Malema breaks his silence on R400k Vote Buying Scandal, This will leave you in awe

Financial Political dissidents pioneer Julius Malema has excused claims that the African Public Congress president in KwaZulu-Natal region and two authorities paid for EFF vehicles to attend their party occasions in return for votes.


Discussion arose when TV and online entertainment film opened up to the world denouncing the city chairman and two different authorities of stealing R400,000 of public assets to subsidize EFF occasions. The assertion ignited shock and warmed banter among lawmakers and general society.

Julius Malema denied the claims. He said emphatically: “The city chairman of KwaDukuza is harming the chairman through a video cut via virtual entertainment that says the chairman and two government employees paid R400,000 from the house public assets to help the political show of financial political dissidents. .”

Allies of the EFF host said that their get-together is totally independent and doesn’t rely upon outside monetary help from other ideological groups. The ANC pioneer having to deal with the penalties has communicated profound concern, completely denying association in financing the EFF rally.

As the political circumstance in KwaZulu-Natal warms up, this debate adds new difficulties. Public and political eyewitnesses are presently anxiously anticipating the aftereffects of any examination concerning these charges, expecting lucidity and responsibility with regards to this issue.


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