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Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly threatened the citizens with prison on his address of the nation

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on his first speech of addressing the nation, he is already threatening the citizen. He said whoever does not agree with his rule or with the outcome of the elections, they are ready to arrest them and torture them. He actually said, “our prisons are not the full, so whoever would spread hate speech or mobilize the people to stand against him, he is ready to punish them accordingly. So is this not threatening the people? Where is the heart of a leader who leads the people who with integrity?

This man is a forcing himself on the people, this man is forcing people to love him, this man is forcing people to agree with him. So this is the model of leadership in Africa, they are very few African leaders that are leading with integrity, democracy and with honor. There is no Democracy in Africa, leaders they do as they please, and it is failing our continent, not just one or two Nations. The brutality in politics is bigger than one nation, this is going to bring a negative impact on the whole continent.

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