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Emtee opens up about his relationship with his baby mama

Emtee claims things are okay between him and his estranged wife, Nicole Kendall Chinsmay. The couple reportedly headed to a divorce after the wife opened a case of assault against the rap star.

While she was pregnant with their third child, Nicole claimed that the rapper whose real name is Ndevu Mthembeni abused her and it left some marks on her body.


Entee slammed the allegation, saying it was false, however, it led to their separation.

Opening up about their relationship in a recent interview; the star said the saga was exaggerated, but they are now cool as she allows him to bond with the children.


“Right now we’re cool, we just had our first daughter, I feel like it was exaggerated in a way and many people had many things to say. Im not that n**gg, I don’t put my hands on women, I don’t do non of that sh*t,” he said. “Right now things are okay, I can say because I can get to see my kids and spend time with them, I’m grateful for that,” he said.


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