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Hardship: Students now trade property to survive

The woes of hunger, triggered by the increasing cost of living, have stretched their claws to the lives of students in tertiary institutions.

Gone are the days when undergraduates return to class with cash and other home appliances depicting their high standard of living.

Today many parents or guardians can no longer afford a standard living, talk of transferring such to their children or wards.

Economy&Lifestyle discovered that students in tertiary institutions now sell off some of their home appliances and gadgets to sustain themselves, when the chips are down.

According to Osazuwa Akinola, a student, stated that they buy these gadgets when it is cheap, using their idle cash, while those who have gadgets sell them when they need money to pay bills.

He said: “It is very disheartening to see your fellow student suffer to get food and survive in this harsh economy.

“The economy is not smiling at our parents and guardians, so it is affecting us too.

“Before some of my mates in the hostel comes with bags of food stuff and other useful appliances that helps one relax but now the cost of food has trippled and such scenarios have ceased to exist.

“Businesses in the school vicinity are also not helping matters.

“Seeing we are students they believe we have money and increase the prices of goods once it is a student purchasing them.

“They have forgotten that what is affecting the economy is affecting parents and guardians and also affecting us.
“Many of us now have to tie down our idle cash by buying used home items and appliances like bed, fridge, cupboard, gas cylinder, television set among other things from graduating students.

“These items are now auctioned on some popular e-commerce platforms known to students.

“And the money gotten from these sales are used to foot their bills.

“But some students who brought these gadgets from home do sell them in times of need at a low price.”
Miss. Lovet Momoh, a 200 level student said she was hoping to have a wonderful standard of living since 100 level in school. But the death of her father coupled with the current state of the economy shattered her dreams.

“When I gained admission late 2022 I was very happy believing I will live like a princess in school.

“Then I lost my dad and my mom’s brother took it on his shoulder to see me through school.

“I never thought things will be difficult as this. I can’t call him for minor needs because it feels very embarrassing to me.

“Then I saw my friends buying used items from graduating students and auction them in mid session.
When I inquired from them they thought me.

“I started buying used items with some of my pocket money and trading them at higher prices online.
“As we all know, the prices of goods and services are increasing and so is that of used items.

“This was and is still my survival means till date while in school.
“God help us.”

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