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“I don’t believe in marriage” – Mellisa Osagie reveals

“I don’t believe in marriage” – Mellisa Osagie reveals

Nigerian actress, Mellisa Osagie has discussed her opinions on marriage and having children outside of wedlock.


Osagie, who shared this in an interview with Saturday Beats, stated that she favors friendship above marriage and revealed that she almost got married but decided against it.


The actress said;

“I do not believe in the idea of marriage. I was almost married but I called it off. I believe in the idea of companionship. If one is compatible with one’s partner, one does not need a ring to show that one is committed. It does not validate marriage.”

She also expressed her opinion on the recommendation for older women to bear children outside of marriage when a union is not probable.

She added;

“Marriage as an institution has to do with bearing kids. Marriage or no marriage, it is very important for one to have a child. If not for now, at least for old age; even if it has to be done through surrogacy.”



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