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“I love you” – Gogo Maweni pens a heartfelt birthday post to her husband

“Keep glowing, my love! I cannot imagine my life without you,” Gogo Maweni’s heartfelt birthday post to her husband leaves Mzansi in tears.


Celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni is topping trends in the backdrop of her husband’s birthday.

Celebrated business mogul and multi-millionaire Sabelo Mgube turned a year older, and Gogo Maweni is more than happy for the gift of life.



The reality star took to social media to celebrate her husband’s birthday. Gogo Maweni shared photos expressing her love and devotion to Mgube and captioned the posts with a heartfelt message.

Gogo Maweni posted: “Happy birthday to the love of my life. You are proof that not all superheroes wear capes. Keep glowing, my love! I cannot imagine my life without you. “Thank you for always showering me with love and care.”

“Happy birthday! ♥️ Next week, we will be travelling the world celebrating YOU! I love you.”

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The bubbly Sangoma also wowed her husband for pampering and spoiling her. No doubt the two have the plug and the bling.

Gogo Maweni made it known that the two will have joint birthday celebrations.

Gogo Maweni husband
Gogo Maweni. Image from Instagram@dr_,maweni

However, Mgube’s birthday comes barely a few weeks after Gogo Maweni’s birthday. She made it known that the two are set to visit Dubai and Hong Kong for some days.

Speaking on their birthday celebrations, Gogo Maweni said: “My husband and I are going to Dubai and then Hong Kong. That is our celebration together because his birthday is on the 12th of September, and mine is on the 29th of August, and since we are both Virgos, we decided to just travel for a week and a couple of days.”

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