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“If you get pregnant, I’ll send you to village” – Lady shares video of father cherishing granddaughter, despite past warnings

A lady has stirred conversation on social media by sharing a video capturing the beautiful moment between her father and her daughter, despite his earlier threat to send her packing to the village if she got pregnant.

The video is captioned: “Dad: I’ll send you to the village if you get pregnant.”


In the video, the lady reveals the moment she was heavily pregnant and shares that her father had warned her that getting pregnant would lead to her expulsion from his house and a move to the village.

Despite his threat, the lady discloses that she eventually gave birth to a girl and showcases a video of her father spending time with her daughter.

In response to this, many individuals have taken to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Refilwe Peter Stewar: “I wish I didn’t listen to my dad.”

user4690495249712: “Mine took my son away😭🥰🥰 am the one visiting him now.”

Teddy: “He say he go send you go village. He never mentioned that he was sending his grandchild,that village u go go m.”

bernadettemokola: “reminds me of my father,when I got pregnant he stopped talking to me but after I gave birth he loved my baby and named her after my late mom.”

🦋🌸MOME 💕❤️: “Mine said i have to find another child he took my daughter as his lastborn.”

🦋Ria🔐: “My mum and younger sisters adapted my child at this point my child thinks I’m her sister too.”

Philes Kantè: “You can’t try this in Malawi, the went and dropped me at my husband’s parents 😂😊 the way I felt ashamed hhhhhj please banned me from home.”

madalitso chimsale: “same with me they dont even allow him to visit me during holidays.”

Malumbo: “your father and mine same😂… i got pregnant and yes,he was maaaad but now,he calls my son his son.. not grandson.”

sugar@: “my mom once said she will kill me if I get pregnant,, now she loves my daughter more than she loves me.”

Hafsa Ibn Yamin: “Honestly the way they behave erh especially my mom, I’m always tempted to get pregnant just to see her reaction.”


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