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I’m not afraid to die: Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo prioritises his health despite not being afraid of death. The radio personality made this known after a Twitter user questioned his choice of not catching any disease. Sizwe reacted to a tweet that asked people to pick one out of four pills. The pills are, Be rich, Bring someone dead back, Never feel pain and Never catch a disease.

Sizwe Dhlomo

The star chose “never catch a disease. “I’m not scared to die but health is true wealth.

Sizwe Dhlomo

“You rich already my guy ..and there is a verse in the bible that says rich people are scared to i understand why you chose the black pill,” a Twitter user said to Dhlomo. Sizwe Dhlomo responded by saying he isn’t afraid to die, and he further justify his choice.



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