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King Mswati ‘s kids matching with green designer outfits for his recent birthday celebration

The Kingdom of Swaziland recently celebrated its 55th anniversary of independence. The national celebrations were also mixed with the national reed dance and celebrations of the King’s birthday. The king’s family and friends held an intimate celebration at the palace, and his children shared what was happening on Instagram.

Princess Ezwe Dlamini shared a video of the King walking into the venue with the king of Lesotho.After the King walked in. His mother Queen Ntombifuthi walked in while pushing a folding walker. The queen mother was followed by the King’s wives.

The King ‘s eldest daughter Sikhanyiso shared pictures of what she was wearing also indicating what the theme of the event was. She wore a long green dress with a purple tiara.

Sikhanyiso also shared a picture with her son showing that he had a green suit on.

The other princesses also had different green dresses.

Prince Mcwasho and Princess Ezwe posing together.

Queen Lafogiyane and her daughter in their green attires.

The cake for the event.


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