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‘Mamzobe is not a villain’: ‘Umkhokha: The Curse’ star Deli Malinga

‘Umkhokha: The Curse’ actress Deli Malinga opens up about winning a South African Film and Television Award (Safta) and her role as Mamzobe.

Umkhokha: The Curse and Generations star Deli Malinga says winning a SAFTA is a validation of her love for her work.


Speaking to Sunday World, the actress Deli Malinga says she doesn’t believe her character Thenjiwe “MaMzobe” Gumede in Umkhokha: The Curse is a villain.


“From understanding MaMzobe’s truth and not judging her, I don’t see her as a villain because then I’ll be judging her.”

Malinga adds that Mamzobe is a woman who makes some distasteful decisions but tries to be seen and heard. She created a family she never had. So she’s a human who has her fun side.

She adds that Umkhokha: The Curse viewers can expect more explosive surprises and unexpected twists in her portrayal as Mamzobe.

The former Generations actress also reveals that there are other roles in the pipeline which she cannot mention yet.

“I am shooting a few scenes in a fun drama, but they are nothing like MaMzobe,” she tells the publication.

Malinga won a SAFTA as the Best Supporting Actress in a telenovela award for her role as MaNgema in Redemption. 



Rumours of the fan-favourite Umkhokha: The Curse actress Deli Malinga leaving the show were shared by entertainment commentator Jabu_Macdonald on Twitter.

“There’s rumours of Mam Deli Malinga leaving #UmkhokhaTheCurse. It better not be true”, tweeted Macdonald.

isiZulu publication iLanga News reported on Thursday, 28 September that the actress might be leaving the show.

It is unclear at this stage why the actress is reportedly leaving the popular show. The South African will give an update on this story as soon as possible.

Actress Deli Malinga was not available for a comment at the time of publishing this article.


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