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Maskandi artist Mthandeni made history in 12 days

Maskandi artist who goes by the name of Mthandeni Igcokama Elisha Manqele has reached a huge milestone in just 12 days. It is no secret that Maskandi was a genre that was not taken too serious, in fact, some people used to believe that Maskandi is just music for uneducated people.

Mthandeni has proven those who undermine Maskandi wrong by becoming the first Maskandi artist to reach 1 Million views on YouTube in just 12 days. This song tittled Paris features Big Zulu’s signee, Lwah Ndlunkulu.

Not only this song is doing good on YouTube, but it is also doing absolutely great on other DSPs such as Spotify and iTunes. Below you can see that this song is sitting on number 24 on iTunes and it is still climbing charts.

Maskandi is doing great these days, even new comers do big things. Right now there is a new comer who goes by the name of Isitha Sama ex who is doing so well with his latest song called Songena ngodlame.

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