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Meet the 43-year-old woman with 44 children after her husband left her with 38 children

We live in a very peculiar era with so many peculiar events taking place and leaving a myriad of us astounded by them. There are so many situations which seem impossible in our eyes or rather which we thought they would never exist but are actually evidently taking place. For example, the medical providers have made us believe that a woman cannot fall pregnant after the age of 50 but we have seen a lot of women giving birth in their 50s.

A woman who has been found with 44 children is currently causing a stir on Twitter as many fellow people are left in disbelief. These are obviously people from South Africa because the statics of South Africa proves that women who are likely to have many children have a maximum of 12 children. Such instances where a woman has children who are numbering about over 20 is mostly found in other countries. This woman who has left a myriad of people astoundingly is from Uganda and it has been said that her husband left her with 38 children and she continued to have 6 more after he left her.

1.2.3.As seen on the above illustrations, this woman is the most fertile woman in the whole entire world which means she is the only woman to bring to life so many children. This is caused by her strange ovulation which the doctors have medically proven that she has hyper ovulation where her ovaries release unusual eggs in large numbers.

The sadness of this scenario is that all these children are born in poverty as she can obviously not provide sufficiently for all of them. This woman must definitely be living with so many frustrations as she wonders daily on how she will be able to put food to the table and also clothes for them to wear. It is also sad that her husband has also left with 38 children they made together.

Below are screenshots of what some of the Twitter users have to say about this matter.



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