Meet The Twins Who Have Been Rumoured To Be Better Than The Qwabe Twins’s Founder Meets the Twins Who Are Supposed to Be Better Than the Qwabe Twins Mar 9, 2023 7:56 AM

Get to Know the Twins Who Could Be Even More Talented Than the Qwabe Twins

Two really attractive young women have just gone viral on the internet. The twins’ stage names are Anelisa and Asanele Sobekwa.

The gorgeous siblings have only been posting to Instagram for a short time, yet they are already among the most sought-after paid influencers in the business.

The siblings have figured out how to make money off of their massive online following. Cape Town being home to both of these factors makes it an obvious choice for a bikini photo shoot.

The twins never have to worry about money because of the huge demand for their services as fashion experts and brand evangelists. There are many more opportunities available to young South African women with the will and skill to pursue careers in the arts and entertainment than there were before.


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