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Moment son reunites with father after 5 years away in search of greener pasture

Moment son reunites with father after 5 years away in search of greener pasture, An emotional video captures the moment a father and son reunited after the latter left home to hustle and make his parents proud.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the heart-melting moment a father got to see his son again after being away for so long.

According to the caption, the young man had left home for five years straight in search of a greener pasture and to better the lives of his family.

Looking all cleaned up, he arrived home to surprise his family and was joyfully embraced by his father, who seemed to have been his best friend.

Reactions trailing moment father and son reunited
mosesdee1 said: “Chai….. 😢😢 can’t wait to see my family too, miss my Family and miss Nigeria so much! 😫😫😫.”

usendollar penned: “Fathers love is priceless ❤️ I wished Mind was still alive to see his daughter now driving a Mercedes Benz 2023 building a mansion in the old building he left behind ❤️.”

mz_eni_lintu said: “Watching this feels so adorable. I had a dream about my dad last night, and I ended up calling him today. As we talked, I could sense his happiness through the phone. I’m eagerly anticipating seeing my parents; it’s been four years since our last meeting.”

johnjoy295 reacted: “Awww this is beautiful😍 Una way still get father please take care of him well🙌 mine die 24 years ago😢.”

samvail__ wrote: “Some of us couldn’t have this beautiful time. Before we came back it was too late. ⏰ ❤️❤️❤️🥹.”

von_wisdom_ noted: “Something my dad can do Omor my dad is fucking proud of me and that’s all that matters I don’t care what people says about me 😂.”

udoka_07 said: “If you get parents and you no dey take care of dem na God go punish you I swear.”


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