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More troubling issues left for President Ramaphosa to resolve and ANC is involved

The disbanded African National Congress (ANC) Women’s League in KwaZulu-Natal is refusing to yield, asserting its continued existence despite the official disbandment. This bold stance has set the stage for a power struggle within the league and has added to the internal strife currently affecting the ANC.

The controversy surrounding the disbanded Women’s League began when the ANC’s national leadership made the decision to dissolve the provincial leadership amid allegations of irregularities. The intention was to restore unity and transparency within the league. However, this move has ignited a fresh wave of internal turmoil, deepening divisions within the party.

Defiant members of the ANC Women’s League in KwaZulu-Natal argue that the newly formed provincial task team is comprised of individuals who faced defeat at the league’s elective conference. They contend that this suggests personal vendettas were the driving force behind the disbandment rather than a genuine commitment to the organization’s well-being.

On the opposing side, those supporting the disbandment decision emphasize the necessity of addressing deep-seated issues within the ANC Women’s League in the province. They stress the importance of upholding the organization’s integrity and preventing further internal strife that could jeopardize the ANC’s broader political agenda.

Notably, the national leadership of the ANC has not yet commented on the ongoing controversy. This situation highlights the challenges the party faces in maintaining internal cohesion, particularly in the face of factionalism and power struggles at the regional and provincial levels.

The ANC’s ability to resolve this internal conflict will be closely watched by political observers and members of the party alike. The outcome will play a significant role in shaping the future trajectory of the ANC Women’s League in KwaZulu-Natal and, by extension, the ANC as a whole. Tell us what you think about this development and don’t forget to like, comment, and share this article let’s get more reactions on this matter. Follow our page for more updates.


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