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“Most men are intimidated and scared” – Ashmusy reveals why many rich female celebrities are single (video)

Ashmusy stated that most female celebrities are single because most men are intimated by them.

Nigerian content creator, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy, has shared her thoughts on why many rich female celebrities in Nigeria are single.

In a recent interview with her colleague, Zicsaloma, on the ‘Tell Your Story’ podcast, Ashmusy stated that most female celebrities are single because most men are intimated by them.

Using herself as an example, the influencer revealed how her Range Rover Velar and her ownership of a house has intimidated her potential suitors in the past.

However, Ashmusy, who recently gifted her mother a Lexus SUV, stated that she prefers dating men who are wealthier than her because, in her view, he should be the primary provider in the relationship.

Watch the interview below,

Her statement has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with many contesting her reason behind the large number of single female celebrities.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@lucasugonna wrote, “Imagine if men decides to date ladies that would match up to their income, relationship go scare for naija 😂😂Men dey suffer sha”

@emekaamakeze wrote, “Most men are not intimidated by a woman’s wealth. It’s the disrespect that comes with it they try to avoid.”

@tobishiyanbola wrote, “The fact that what all these ladies think about “I can’t marry someone who earns less” is baffling and concerning! What happened to setting up a business as couples if you earn so much? With all these things being said, you think men who earn less won’t feel intimidated or scared of the worst case scenario? Men want respect, loyalty, and love. Money shouldn’t influence these so strongly. I mean, men build women, what’s wrong with women building men?”

@edmundqueeneth wrote, “You won’t understand what she’s saying until you date someone you’re doing better than. They’re always jealous or too insecure . They’ll never give you peace.”

@dianamarynsan wrote, “A man can still be the bread winner ,even if you make more money. He can earn a living for his family. A man can make more than you ,and not take responsibility for nothing. A responsible,kind man ,who takes his place as the man is more important. If he is in the range to pick the bills ,why not . You may be alone if you make too much .”

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