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Mthombeni Tombstone Causes A Stir On Social Media

People always lose their lives ones each and every day since no person will live forever, we all know that death is eminent and we are all going to pass one day when our time on earth is over, that does not seem to be a problem since we know that there is no escape, but there are people who seem to be in denial when their loved ones have departed, they go to extreme to try making sure that their memories remain forever, they spend fortunes on their funeral and even make sure that the next generation knows how their ancestors looked like.

It is a good thing to give your parent or any family member a dignified funeral of people can afford, some make sure that they buy the most expensive coffins or caskets while others will go all the way to get the biggest and the most valuable tombstone, but these days there is a trend where we see people literally building small houses at the grave site, it seem to have turned into a trend and the latest tombstone has left social media in great shock.

Though it is not clear where this picture was taken from, the Mthombeni family has gone all out to make sure that Ms Mthombeni is always remembered even years after she was laid to rest, they also had a statue of her erected, her tombstone looks like a small one roomed house, people walk in when they want to see the grave, it is actually a house for the dead.

Those who saw the picture trending on social media shared different thoughts, some say there is nothing wrong with this since there are statues all over the world of famous people, the likes of Nelson Mandela and many more, others are against the idea saying they just imagine passing by the grave site at night while drunk, but the family made sure that they bury their loved one the way they wanted.


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