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“Mtu Ajioshe Kwanza” Loise Kim’s Reply To A Man Who Asked Her To Love Him Even Though He Has Nothing

Loise Kim is a popular Kikuyu gospel musician who has moved from grass to fame through hard work and determination within the shortest period of time. She has attracted a large following through her informative songs as well as her beautiful voice when singing. Some hours ago she posted on her Facebook page talking about love while she was in Mombasa enjoying herself.

She asked where does the first love go and the way love is ussually sweet in the beginning of a marriage or a relationship. She went ahead and wished her followers to have a good night who were all over the comments section talking about the statement. One of her followers commented trying his luck on pursuing her.

He told her that if she don’t know where that love goes, she should try and love him the way heis even though he has nothing. Loise replied saying that a Kikuyu musician by the name Kuruga Wa Wanjiku said someone should come into love while financially stable and she was not going to be the one to stabilize anyone.


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