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Nandipha and Buster offered prison guard R105 000 to help with the escape

Interesting updates about the escape plan of Buster Thabo in Mangaung in May 2022, two more G4s former workers got arrested and they now a total of 8 accused suspects involved on the escape plan of Buster Thabo.

Nandipha Magudumane appeared today in court for the first time not covering her face with a face mask but still wearing the same brand of hoody, a Nike hoody the bail application of Nandipha Magudumane was postponed until 12 May 2023 according to the MDNNEWSS the are two more accused suspects that got involved today.

According to News24 Nandipha Magudumane and Buster Thabo the couple offered R105 000 to a prison guard to help on the escape plan, more information revealed about from the escape plan of the suspect Buster Thabo.

Nandipha Magudumane and her boyfriend decided to use money to buy of the prison warden to help Buster Thabo escape successfully from the Mangaung Correctional Service prison, the fugitive escape successfully meaning that the prison warden had done the job and allegedly got payed.

Corruption is bad in South Africa a murder and a rapist was assisted by the prison warden to escape prison because of money, one two more suspects appeared in court and the bail application of Nandipha got postponed.

The more she remains in prison and the NPA continues investigation more information will be found to keep her in prison for a very long time, Nandipha Magudumane had a wonderful life as a Doctor but she decided to join her boyfriend in all the crimes he was involved in.

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