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Newest Koketso & Collen’s Tswana Wedding

Hey, I’m sorry for the radio silence here. I was involved in a terrible accident that knocked out my front tooth. Thankfully the dentist was able to save my tooth. I still have a long way to go until I’m completely healed. Thanks to all of you who have sent well wishes.

I also want to say thanks for following Bontle Ever After On you-tube and Instagram. The channel aims to continue sharing the work I’ve shared here albeit in video form and to add topics like motherhood, navigating career or business as married women, date nights, and much more. I’m currently working on content and I’ll share soon! If you have not yet subscribed follow this link .

For today though, enjoy this gorgeous Tswana wedding with the bride in a gorgeous custom made dress.

How did you meet?

We were attending the same church while at university.

The Proposal

Lol, it was weird…so it was 2012 when we met and we were just close during that time. We were also in the same prayer group. The group was like a family so that led us even closer. After varsity, we kept in touch and would meet once in a while during church events, until he called me at the end of 2017. After telling me a lot of things on the phone he said ‘you are going to be my wife’. I don’t even remember the exact words because it was soo unexpected. I say I knew he was the “one” because when he said all those words, I was just at peace. The calls over the coming weeks would be him asking me when should he send his elders until I also gave in and called my parents.

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