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Reactions As Popular Actor, Muyiwa Ademola Could Not Control His Tears On Movie Set

Muyiwa Ademola is among the talented actors in Nollywood and he knows how to stir up reactions from his fans whenever he shares new videos on social media.

Muyiwa Ademola took to his official instagram page to show his fans moment he could not control his tears on movie set.



The dark-skinned actor captioned the video saying; “there is a bridge you dare not cross in acting. Yes we are aware of this fact but we could not control not going near it”.

“We crossed the bridge tonight! We went too deep and we could not return time”.

“Everyone couldn’t control their tears including our director. This moment was even after we finished filming the scene and I was trying to console mama I slipped into it again.


According to Muyiwa Ademola, sometimes it is very difficult for professional actors to separate acting from their real life.

The room was silent after the actors finished filming the scene and Muyiwa Ademola starting crying as he leaned on the sofa. Although, his fellow actors consoled him but he couldn’t stop crying.



Click on the link below to watch the video.

As soon as Muyiwa Ademola’s video surfaced online, many of his followers rushed down to the remark area underneath the post to express their opinions.

See screen captures of their reactions below.

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