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SKEEM SAAM: Kwaito asks Lizzy to marry him

Love is in the air on Skeem Saam as we see Lizzy and Kwaito’s relationship booming in front of us. The pair decided to give their relationship a second chance. Their mothers are not happy about them getting back together, but we know what they say, the second time is a charm. According to tonight’s teasers, Kwaito will be asking Lizzy the big question, he will be asking for her hand in marriage. We hope Lizzy agrees because these two make a cute couple. Kwaito has been having a bit of financial difficulties since he started building his mother a house and we have seen how demanding MaNtuli is when it comes to Kwaito’s money. She was not happy that Kwaito was spending money for a vacation with Lizzy, because she wanted all the money to go towards finishing her house.


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