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South African celebrities who claim to be christians but deep down are not

It’s commendable that these South African celebrities are open about their Christian faith and attribute their success to their belief in God. Here are some of the celebrities mentioned:

  1. Gugu Gumede:
  • Known for her role as Mamlambo on Uzalo.
  • Despite portraying a Sangoma on screen, Gugu Gumede is a Christian in real life.
  • She believes that her acting career is a result of answered prayers and divine intervention.


  1. Karabo Mogane:
  • Former Idols SA winner in 2015.
  • Started singing in church, where his father is a pastor.
  • Attributes his success to Jesus Christ, emphasizing the significance of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.
  1. Rorisang Thandekiso:
  • Television presenter and singer.
  • Openly talks about her relationship with God and the importance of maintaining purity.
  • Shocked many by revealing she is still a virgin and is waiting for the right man.


  1. Khaya Mthethwa:
  • Former Idols SA winner.
  • Comes from a Christian background.
  • Initially strayed away but eventually returned to his faith, becoming a pastor at his father’s church and a worship leader.


It’s refreshing to see public figures using their platforms to share their faith and values. This not only helps break stereotypes but also inspires others who may be facing challenges in their faith journey. It’s a reminder that fame and success, according to these individuals, are rooted in their spiritual beliefs.


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