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“This One’s Are Totally Americans, What Is He Even Saying?”-Rudeboy

Rudeboy, one half of the legendary Nigerian music duo Psquare, recently shared an adorable video on social media featuring his kids at play. The video captured a heartwarming moment of childhood innocence and sibling bonding.

In the video, Rudeboy’s kids were seen engaging in imaginative play, arguing with his brother and playfully mimicking American accents. Rudeboy playfully captioned the video with the words, “This One’s Are Totally Americans, What Is He Even Saying?”

The singer’s post not only showcased his children’s playful and carefree spirits but also highlighted the universal appeal of American culture, even among the youngest members of Nigerian households.

Rudeboy’s choice to share this heartwarming family moment with his fans reflects his personal joy as a father and his pride in his children’s creativity and imagination. It’s a reminder that amidst the busy life of a renowned artist, family remains a source of love and happiness.

Check out the screenshot of his post from Instagram below.

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