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“Triplet Blessings” Joy as Lady With Very Large Baby Bump Gives Birth to 3 Babies at Once, this is so Beautiful (Video)

Young mom with big baby bump has posted her video on Tiktok @dumoskalabarikitc celebrating after welcoming triplets, She was seen in the first scene standing inside a house with her hands on her waist, obviously to support the weight of the pregnancy. After that, she was seen in another room that appeared to be a hospital ward where she went to give birth.


The video also showed her eating and touching her big baby bump in an amusing and interesting way. The new mother also posted photos of her newborn triplets, nicely dressed and tucked in bed. The mother has expressed her appreciation to God after successfully delivering her babies.


Indeed it is only women can fathom the magnitude of the great miracle, women go through a lot in the process of child bearing starting from the conceptual stage during gestation period. Sometimes during gestation period you hear some medical cases like ectopic pregnancy, fibroid, miscarriage etc having your baby despite all this, its definitely a great blessing that can’t be taken for granted.


indeed it can only be God, miracle no de tire Jesus, what God cannot do does not exist!

congratulations mommy, your home is blessed, to all the awaiting moms out there get ready to carry your child.


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