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Trouble in paradise: Faith Nketsi no longer wearing wedding ring

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi is no longer donning her wedding ring after confirming that she and Nzuzo Njilo have separated.


South African reality TV star and influencer Faith Nketsi has left South Africans absolutely buzzing with the new season of her reality TV show, Have Faith. In episode one, the star opens up about moving out of her marital home after having trouble with her husband Nzuzo Njilo. She even visits a divorce lawyer to discuss her options.

It looks like things have reached the end of Faith who recently shared a video of herself and her wedding ring was nowhere to be seen. This was noticed by her many fans who wished her well.



Reality TV star Faith Nketsi shocked most of South Africa when photos of her secret marriage went viral on social media.

The Have Faith star had kept everything including her pregnancy under complete wraps and at one point even denied that she was expecting.

Once everything was out in the open, shocking reports about her new husband being a fraudster started doing the rounds.

Nzuzo Njilo, married to Faith Nketsi, is wanted for fraud. Photo: ZAPosts/ Twitter


Despite this, Faith kept the image of a thriving marriage alive with photos and videos of her little family spending quality time together.

After a warrant of arrest was issued for her husband Nzuzo Njilo, she shared this post online:

“They play way too much,” she captioned the photo.

Screenshot from Faith Nketsi’s Instagram account taken last week. Image via Instagram: @faithnketsi

Rumours that she had moved out of their shared home spread fast despite the happy front she was trying to put up.

And now the first episode of Have Faith season 5 has revealed that she has indeed moved out of her marital home and may even be considering a divorce.

During one of her diary sessions on the show, she shared that having to move out of her marital home and back with her mom was a huge source of embarrassment for her.

“Since the last time you saw me I have been adjusting to being a new mother, being a wife.  I moved out of my marital home,” she says at the start of the show.

“What was collapsing, my whole marriage was collapsing right in front of my eyes,” she said in her video diary.

“It is such an embarrassing situation, I’m embarrassed for my soul,” she added.

At the end of the episode, she also visits a divorce lawyer.



It looks like it may definitely be the end of the road for the young couple after Faith shared a video of herself without her wedding ring.

Take a look below:

In the comment section, app users shared kind words with the star who is obviously trying hard to be positive in light of everything.

Others however wondered whether or not all of the drama wasn’t just to spice up her reality TV show.

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