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Twist Hairstyles Ladies Can Make With Their Natural Hair

There are various ways women can embrace their natural hair. Trying twists can be a great protective style for maintaining long, healthy hair. Here are some twist-based hairstyles to consider:

Classic two-strand twists involve dividing hair into two sections and twisting them together from roots to ends. The size of the twists can vary.

An alternative is the three-strand twist, which uses three separate strands of hair, lying flat against the head and open to versatile styling.

For more intricate looks, consider Senegalese twists created with extensions or Marley twists with textured, human-like extensions.

Havana twists, made with Havana hair extensions, are thicker and fuller in appearance.

Nubian twists are larger and unique, crafted from natural hair for a distinctive look.

Finger coils involve wrapping small hair sections tightly around fingers, especially suitable for short natural hair.

Mini twists are smaller versions that stand alone or serve as a foundation for elaborate styles.


After a few days, twist-outs reveal distinct and tight curls.

To keep your hair healthy while wearing twists, ensure a nourished scalp and moisturized hair. Avoid wearing twists or other styles for prolonged periods. Enjoy experimenting with different twist hairstyles to find your ideal look.

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