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VIDEO of Kabza De Small’s drunk father goes viral

A video featuring a man identified as Mr. Motha, allegedly Kabza De Small’s father, has gone viral on TikTok. The footage, posted by a user with the handle @jcarandacooza, shows the older man in a seemingly intoxicated state. Kabza De Small, a prominent DJ and producer, has seldom spoken about his father, unlike his close relationship with his mother.


The video, which has amassed over 500,000 views on TikTok, has sparked curiosity due to the shared surname “Motha” between Kabza De Small and the man in the clip. While having the same surname is not uncommon, the striking physical resemblance between the two has raised eyebrows. However, skepticism surrounds the authenticity of the video, with concerns that it might be a ploy for social media attention.


Kabza De Small, known for his privacy, recently tied the knot and typically keeps details about his family life under wraps. The only family member he openly discusses is his mother, expressing deep admiration and gratitude towards her. Kabza has shared photos with his mother, calling her his queen and acknowledging her pivotal role in his success.




Despite the viral video’s uncertainty regarding Kabza’s father, the artist remains focused on his flourishing career as a DJ, producer, and self-proclaimed amapiano king. His journey from 2009 to the present reflects his talent and dedication.


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