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Viewers argue over who played the best villain in the history of South African TV


South African soap operas have graced our screens for decades, bringing captivating drama and unforgettable characters into our living rooms. Among these characters, villains have held a special place in viewers’ hearts, and an ongoing debate rages among fans over who played the best villain in the history of South African soapies.


One cannot discuss soap opera villains without mentioning Felicia Mokhabela, portrayed by Lesego Motsepe, in the iconic series “Generations.” Felicia’s conniving and ruthless character left viewers both loathing and admiring her. Her unforgettable performances earned her a top spot in the villain hall of fame.


Another contender in this debate is Cheryl Brady, brought to life by the talented actress Roberta Fox in “Isidingo.” Cheryl’s complex and often diabolical character had viewers hooked with her scheming ways. Her charisma and cunning made her a standout villain on the show.

However, no discussion of South African soap opera villains would be complete without mentioning Ntsiki Lukhele, played by Nandi Mngoma, in “The Road.” Ntsiki’s devious antics and cunning manipulation of those around her made her character a beloved antagonist among viewers.

In recent years, viewers have been divided over the portrayal of Gabisile Kunene, portrayed by Baby Cele, in “Uzalo.” Gabisile’s character combines a mix of traditional beliefs with ruthless intentions, making her a morally complex and unforgettable villain.

As the debate rages on, it’s clear that South African soap operas have given us an array of memorable villains, each with their unique blend of charisma, wickedness, and captivating performances. Fans continue to argue passionately over who deserves the title of the best villain, often citing their favorite character’s most shocking and memorable moments.

Ultimately, this debate highlights the enduring power of South African soap operas to captivate audiences and create characters that leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s Felicia, Cheryl, Ntsiki, or Gabisile, each villain has contributed to the rich tapestry of storytelling in South African television, ensuring that this debate will continue for years to come.

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