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Waal: Ayanda Thabethe shows the face of her newborn baby [pictures]

Congrats, South African actress Ayanda Thabethe showed off her newborn baby’s face on Instagram and fans loved it.


South African actress Ayanda Thabethe showed off her newborn baby on Instagram.

The talented actress had been making headlines a few months ago since she announced her pregnancy.


She made beautiful photoshoots for her bump; fans loved it so much.

She went on to the expensive all-white baby shower, which made fans even more eager to welcome her baby.


Surprisingly, not many fans expected that her baby welcome was as close as it was.

She shared the pictures on her Instagram with so much gratitude to God.

“If you think my hands are complete, you should take a look at my heart … Praise be to Jesus Christ🤍 / 09.09.23”

Ayanda Thabethe. image via Instagram @ayandathabethe_


Unlike other celebs like Faith Nketsi, who hid their baby’s faces, Ayanda Thabethe did not.

Her first Instagram post showed off the side view of her baby’s face, and fans loved it.


Within a few minutes, the post already had over a thousand likes and a hundred comments.

Indeed, it’s happy times in Ayanda’s family as they celebrate her new daughter.




After Ayanda Thabethe shared the pictures with her newborn baby, many fans congratulated her.

“Awwww what a blessing 💫 Congratulations Ayanda & P 🤍 Can’t wait to meet our little snowflake ❄️🙏🏽”


“Hey, do you know God so loved the world that he gave his son Jesus Christ that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”

“Our Virgo baby, born just a day after mine and the day before my daughter. Ur in for so love, care and loads of affection Mommy😍❤️❤️”

“I share a birthday with your baby Ncoow 😍congratulations ❤️❤️”

“In the famous words of ancestors “Puntsu, Puntsu”

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