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WATCH: A Man shoots and kills two thieves who tried to rob him. Was he wrong?

Source: RobberyFail.

There are so many people out there who are just tired of being victims of robbers, and that’s why we have been seeing an increasing number of people who buy guns just so they can defend themselves whenever they are out in the streets. We have seen so much CCTV footage of people getting into shootouts with thieves or robbers, and almost always the thieves end up getting seriously injured or dead, but this is something that a lot of people getting very comfortable with seeing, and it just shows that a lot of people out there will not show sympathy to the person who tries to take their belongings.

Speaking of robbers getting shot and killed, there is a CCTV footage that has been getting quite a lot of attention on social media lately and some people felt like whatever happened in the video was necessary, while some people felt as if the victim did not have to kill the two robbers who tried to rob him.

The video shows a man who seems to be coming out of a building and walking to his car during late hours of the night, and as he approached his car, two armed men came out if nowhere and started grabbing the man, and it’s likely they wanted his belongings.

Before the two thieves could even search him, the man pulled out his gun and started shooting at both the thieves, and one of them was shot almost four times and it looked like he died on the spot, and the other tried to run but got caught with a bullet as well.

Surprisingly, a lot of people in the comments praised the shooter for the way he handled himself, and some even said the world is safer now that he killed those two men.

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