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Why churches must learn to normalize break up – Pastor Femi Lazarus

Why churches must learn to normalize break up – Pastor Femi Lazarus, Popular pastor, Femi Lazarus has emphasized the need for churches to accept couples’ break up on a normal basis.

Pastor Femi shared a true life story of a man who slept at a bar with his friends a night before his wedding.


When he was informed that it was his wedding day, it was already past 7 am on the day of his wedding, which he rushed to attend.

When it was time to kiss his bride, she refused because of the odour of alcohol emanating from his mouth.

Femi Lazarus cautioned against ignoring warning signs and insisted that separation be accepted in local churches.

He stated that breaking up is not a serious matter and that couples should feel secure in themselves before sharing photos.

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CHILD OF GRACE said: “He was drunk all through the night and they still continued the marriage. It will be difficult to cut off that marriage at that point”

EJiKE stated: “I totally agree… Okwa maka mental health and well being oh”

moceede wrote: “pastors just be saving anything these days 😭”

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