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Why my parents ran away and left me with my grandmother – Timi Dakolo opens up

Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo has opened up about how his parents abandoned him and left him in the care of his grandmother.


This was discussed by the singer during a recent interview on the Tea with Tay podcast.

Timi Dakolo claimed his parents, who were young at the time, abandoned him with his grandmother soon after his birth.

The musician claimed that his parents “dropped me with my grandmother and ran away” because they did not have the resources to care for him.

“My parents, I don’t know why they were doing knacking at a very young age. They were very young so they didn’t know what they were doing,” he said.
“When they had me they were like ‘Let’s go and see your grandma’ Then they dropped me with her and ran away because they were too young and didn’t know what to do with me.

“I don’t think my mother was up to 20 years old when she had me and my dad was probably in his early 20’s. They were childhood sweethearts, then they left each other and he went back to Ghana.”

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