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Xolani and his crew on MojaLoveTv found a Nigerian with 2 stolen cars and drugs

Nigerians keep on stealing from the South Africans and Xolani is not happy at all

Xolani went to Nigel and found a drug dealer who also own a media studio. He first didn’t want to talk to Xolani but eventually he let them inside his house. His name is Pedro and he is from Nigeria. His house is big and he seems like a very successful man.

It was not really surprising that he owns a media company and they found many drugs and cellphones at his house. Xolani also found 2 cars that were stolen and he took them away to the police station to be investigated.

Pedro didn’t have the rightful papers for the cars and he kept on saying that he will fix the papers soon. Pedro was arrested at his house because he has been doing crime all along. These Nigerians must be taken away.

Content created and supplied by: Ntoky (via Opera News )

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