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Xolani Khumalo Sends a Warning to his Enemies on Live TV, It will leave you in awe


Xolani Khumalo launched a foundation to address the issue of controversial drug shows



Xolani Khumalo, the television presenter known for the controversial anti-drugs drama, “Sizokthola”, has taken a significant step in addressing the issues presented on his programme.

Recent news about the death of a suspected drug dealer during interrogation prompted Khumalo to start a foundation dedicated to tackling the serious challenges of drug abuse. bad things in the criminal network. The foundation’s mission is to provide support and resources to those affected by drug addiction, and to promote safer communities by addressing the root causes of drug crime.

Khumalo, who has faced both praise and criticism for his controversial approach to the process, aims to shift the focus from emotions to real solutions. In a statement, Khumalo expressed his determination to use the foundation as a force for positive change, saying: “We cannot explain these issues on television.

We will work hard with the community and the authorities to find a lasting solution. Xolani Khumalo’s foundation represents a serious step forward in addressing the issues brought forward by his controversial show. It remains to be seen how effective this plan will be in bringing real change in the fight against drug abuse and related crimes.

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