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Yengeni says the Hawks must investigate Virgin Active: this comes after what he discovered today

The prominent member of the South African ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), Tony Yengeni has recently taken to social media platform, particularly Twitter to indicate that the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation ( Hawks) must investigate Virgin Active. Apparently, the member of the South African ruling party, Tony Yengeni today discovered that Virgin Active has been debiting him after he has cancelled his Gym membership.

The African National Congress (ANC), Tony Yengeni says that the toll free number of Virgin Active never goes through. And furthermore, the ANC veteran has claimed that if one wants to cancel a gym membership, one is told to come to them and sign a document. However, Tony Yengeni has indicated that he has signed the document six months ago, however today he has discovered that they are still debiting him.

He said, “Virgin Active is a major scam Hawks must investigate..their toll free number never goes through.If you go through and tell them you want to cancel your contract they tell you to come and sign a document.I did that 6 months ago, discovered today they are still debiting my account”

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