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Zanu-pf allegedly embarrassed Jah Prayzah in middle of his performance

After being a Zanu Pf artist for so long he is one of the richest musicians in Zimbabwe. Jah Prayzah even though he praises ZANU instead of praising JAH like the meaning of his stage name in the Reggae Dancehall world, he has maintained relevance over the years as he is one of the most expensive artists to book and it’s easy to notice he lives a 5 star life in that poverty infested Zimbabwe. He is one of the artists in Zimbabwe who was invited to sing for the Zanu Pf thieves who stole the 2023 Zimbabwe election as they were doing their inauguration for ED Mnangagwa. As he was performing his hitsong CHIREMERERA the Zanu Pf organizer of the show embarrassed Jah Prayzah by calling him out to cut off performing that song shouting it’s enough we have heard you.

This left his fans shocked and angry. CHIREMERERA means dignity and Jah Prayzah is now the talk of the streets. People are now saying “AZOBVISWA CHIREMERERA ACHIIMBA CHIREMERERA” which means they destroyed his dignity on stage whilst he was performing his dignity song Jah Prayzah not long ago was teaming up with Makhadzi to diss our Music Father Winky D DiBigman. Fans are saying the embarrassment he got at the inauguration is karma and it serves him right. Now he will know that he should never ever play with the name Winky D again because Winky D is not just an artist but he is a Zimbabwe Music Ancestor. I hope his girlfriend Makhadzi wil never ever say Jah Prayzah is bigger than Winky D again.

I don’t know what made this Zanu-pf to stop Jah Prayzah from performing, Chiremerera song. It could be that the song that he was singing was talking to them, it was preaching to them the truth that they don’t want to hear. You know how it is with the Zanu-pf, they want stopped Oliver Mtukudzi from singing certain songs, they ordered ordered Leonard Zhakata to stop singing certain songs. They did it with a lot of artist, if they see anything that seems like it is discouraging their behaviour, they may even end up arresting the artist. So if you want to become friends with Zanu-pf you must sing songs that praises their behaviour, songs that encourages their greedy, songs that encourages their way of doing things, but if there is no truth, there is no truth.

Artists are there to open the eyes of the people, they have to warn people through their song. They are there to preach the message of karma through their songs, they are there to make people change their ways. So I don’t know why they don’t want people to sing songs that educate people. They want to feel comfortable in their evil ways, they want songs that condone their behaviour. So this was very sad to see them stopping him from performing just because the song is getting to their consciences, just because the song is against their evil behaviour. It is one of those things, we just hope that after this they would not organise other things like trying to remove him out of the way or beat him up. They always intimidate the people especially opposition or when you are becoming a challenge to them they, will find ways to remove you out of their way, but we pray that Jah Prayzah should fear not, for the Lord will protect and keep his life from blood thirsty politicians.

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