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Ever admiration why some women strut in backward to the bells ceremony?, well, it’s artlessly clear. They demand to be the cynosure of the event. The affair should be glam and stylish. From gele to the shoes, footfall out in all shades of glam for this weekend. Every weekend there is one owambe or the other, abutting weekend there would be addition set of bells commemoration and so every Saturday we are alert because we apperceive that there would be several upload of aso ebi styles.

Weddings are a big deal, a actual big accord and so both bells guest, families and the couples apperceive that their bells is aloof a mini anatomy of a anniversary and so anybody charge accompany their A-game accordingly as a bells bedfellow abreast from the allowance you may or may not accompany to the bells there is one affair you charge do and that is Slay.

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